Deposit and Withdraw Naira on FTX.

Use Ramp to fund and withdraw from your USDT wallet on FTX exchange, it's quick and easy with no extra fees.

1 USDT = NGN 0

Rate refreshes in 10s


*Minimum amount is 10 USDT.

Your USDT wallet address (TRC-20)

How to Deposit Naira on FTX

  • Enter the amount you want to deposit in Naira, we will show you how much USDT will be sent to your FTX account
  • Provide your USDT wallet address on FTX, it must be a TRC-20 wallet address
  • Complete your Naira deposit via Sendcashpay and wait a few minutes for the USDT to reflect in your wallet

How to Withdraw Naira from FTX

  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw in USDT and your bank details to receive your withdrawal
  • Send the USDT amount to a TRC-20 wallet address that will be generated for your transaction
  • You’ll receive the naira in your bank account within minutes of transaction confirmation
coming soon

Got Questions?
We’ve got answers

Who owns Ramp?

Ramp is a product of Buycoins - We are one of the biggest and most reliable exchanges in Nigeria.

How safe are my funds on Ramp?

Once you successfully deposit your funds with us, Ramp automatically gets the equivalent USDT on the Buycoins exchange and transfers it to your TRC-20 wallet address.

What happens after I link my bank account on Ramp?

When you link your bank account, Ramp encrypts and stores your account details on your local device so only you have access to your data. As a result, neither Sendcash Pay nor Ramp can carry out a transaction without your explicit approval.

What is the minimum transaction on Ramp?

The minimum amount you can deposit per transaction is 10 USD.

What is the maximum transaction amount on Ramp?

The current limit on daily transactions is 1,000 USD.

Do I need any verification to use Ramp?

No, you don't need to be verified to use Ramp.

How long does a Ramp transaction take?

On average, Ramp transactions take between 5 - 15 minutes.

Is Ramp really free?

Yes, it is totally free. We do not charge you transaction fees.

When will withdrawal be available on Ramp?

USDT withdrawal is coming soon.

How do I contact Ramp support?

If you've further inquiries, feedback or need support, join our Telegram group or send an email to support@buycoins.africa. We reply within 2 - 4 hours.